Saturday, 16 October 2010

Your prayers, wishes, support and reassurances have helped bring this about…

How very pleased and happy can you imagine I am feeling as I write this to let you know that at long last little Isobel has been taken home to live with her family.

There are going to be some issues in her life and complications because of the DiGeorge Syndrome that she has but they will be bridges to cross as they occur over the years as well as probably having more heart surgery as she outgrows the artificial things they have used in her. The doctors are happy that she does actually have some albeit small immune system and the thyroid may not be as much of a concern as originally thought.

My little grandaughter is astounding in my eyes as are the many surgeons and medical staff that helped her survive these last five weeks since her fraught birth on the 9th September 2010.

Here are a couple of pics and a recap of events……..

P1040796          Isobel 4th October 2010

and the last couple of days………..

My first cuddle.


My youngest daughter Karen with her Owen and Ava.

  Owen, Isobel, Karen, Ava 14th oct 

Evie and Josh with sister Isobel

 Evie, Josh and Isobel 15th oct


And the best till last……………….Isobel and mum Clare on her way home from the hospital this morning Saturday the 16th of October 2010

going home 16th 0ct 2010

I really do thank each and every one of you for your positivity and well wishes. It has meant so much to me to be bolstered and lifted from the dismal days of worry lately.  Here is hoping the next chapter is all smiles and laughter.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart x x x


  1. How wonderful for little Isobel to be home at last, after all the trauma. May she fight on with the same survival instinct that has stood her in good stead so far. You are a strong lady, Ann and I know you will be supporting your family all the way. Thinking of you all. Pen.

  2. I am so pleased for you all. That is such amazing news and goes to show how important it is always to fight and never give up. I hope you too can now find some peace and Isobel continues the good fight bringing happiness and joy to all of you. Loved the photos and that last one is gorgeous :)

  3. Wonderful photos Anne, and really great news that Isobel is now home where she deserves to be!She is a beautiful baby, and I will keep her and all your family in my thoughts and prayers xx

  4. Great news and lovely pictures - I'm sure there will be much more of both.

  5. Had perfect excuse for lots of cuddles today while I let my daughter get on with peeling spuds, ok yes I could have done them for her but I might not have peeled them the way she likes so I stayed out of the kitchen and had my eyes peeled on Isobel instead, perfect compromise in my book!
    I do not seem to be getting any updates from Blogger at all in my email, must be doing something wrong, dunno what?!

  6. I'd put a comment on here Ann but it's disappeared, have you paid the rent? anyhow nice to read that you've got Isobel safe at home and in your arms, oh that lovely feeling of a new little baby there's nothing like it, though a puppy comes a close second

  7. So pleased for you all that little Isobel is home at last, bless her. Beautiful photo's Anne hugs Sheila x

  8. Strange that comments dissappear, even my own have!?!?

  9. I'd read on my blogspace that some uploading was going to be disabled for a couple of hours from 5 pm to-day, but I found the comment somewhere else that I had replied to, I still find the comments and replying to them confusing, as I can never keep tabs on who I've replied to and if there's follow ups.

  10. Isobel has been home a week now and all is well. She is responsive and taking notice in things around her. She has not been too tetchy and seems settled and content with a cuddle.
    With so many people all wishing her well how could she fail to come on in leaps and bounds. Even the huge scar from the heart operation right down her chest where they opened her ribcage is fading and not at all alarming to look at.
    She is going to be a happy child I think and she deserves to be after all she has been through. Shame the heart ops may continue throughout her life, but I daresay she will take it all in her stride as children who know no different tend to do.

  11. You must feel so much better now Ann as it's not quite as bad as you first thought it may be, it's not perfect, but hey, what ever is, and as you say she'll take it in her stride as children do. And hopefully great improvements will have taken place by the time she's a teen ager.

  12. Hi Anne

    Saw you were now on blogger and thought I would pop over and say hello. good news about the little one, hope she continues to improve. God Bless - Nita.

  13. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting me again, nice to see you back in circulation, Hope you're doing fine, and how is the little angel doing?

  14. Isobel is doing fine and better settled and content at home. Clare discovered that they had not removed the stitches from her chest, they were exposed when the scabs fell off. She has to have calcium supplements to make up for the lack of it in her body which causes twitching in her legs and the health visitor noticed a navel hernia and contradicted the doctors opinion of why it is prominent.
    Grandmum doesn't care cos she is getting lots of cuddles and is happy that Isobel is feeding and oh dear can that girl give a good burp afterward, shame it all comes back through her nose though (she does not have the mechanism to swallow properly as that is all misformed, all part and parcel of her syndrome) but I am quite adept at guessing the projectory of the stream to catch it mid air.

  15. Thanks for the reply Anne, you bring tears to my eyes reading about the poor little mite, but how lucky she is in having such a wonderful loving Grandmum and family looking after her, she may not have everything she wants in life, but she certainly won't lack love.