Friday, 1 October 2010

Well, having been unceremoniously uprooted from my one and only site over at Windows Live Spaces I find myself actually seeking out a new place to settle. 

I followed my blog over to Wordpress but am not that impressed with it.

A couple of my friends made it over here and I do quite like the appearance etc of what they have been able to do.

So I thought I would give it a go, any way I can't comment on their posts unless I have an identity over here apparently, but then I may have just curiously clicked the wrong buttons and made a pigs ear of it as usual.

This is just a practice blog so do excuse the shambles it may end up as while I see how to put photo's etc into it.
My new Grandaughter Isobel Sienna last night, before her first of many operations she will need to repair two holes in her heart today 1st October 2010, she was born on the 9th, induced a month early.

Video of Isobel from a week ago.

Well the video took a while to process but appeared just as I was about to give up.

Now to find out how to link this to my Word Press site, gather up and find some of my Spaces friends that have scattered.

Take care, Anne


  1. Grief!!! what's WLS up to! Right enough, I popped across to check something out on my blog and they wanted me to make a Wordpress page - I still got into my blog eventually but I'm not changing anything over here at work.
    Has to be said, I quite like it here on Blogger.

  2. Good news, Isobel came through her op with no complications and the surgeons were happy to have closed both holes afterall.

  3. Hi Anne I tried leaving a comment earlier but it was not available or something, I can't remember your wordpress addy now, I posted a note to you saying I sent out several notes and emails to space friends with my blogspot but no reply from anyone, I expect you've got other things on your mind right now.

  4. Good news about Isobel, I am so pleased for you all, what a relief.

  5. She's a little doll, Annie! We're keeping her in our prayers.

  6. Brilliant news about Isobel. I hope she will make a swift recovery.

  7. Well, it doesn't really matter where you settle as it seems I can find your posts on my "Windows Live" home page.
    I quite like the WordPress features that I briefly looked at - there is no problem being alerted to comments, or following other people's blogs, or getting stats on page views etc. - certainly better then WLS in that regard.

  8. Anne, so very pleased to read the update on Isobel :) I think I am going to move here yo Blogger, I will leave the link to my space when I figure out just how to do it!! Take care,xxx

  9. Good to see you! You've done well with your new blogspot and it's certainly not a shambles as you put it ;) It strikes me as a lot easier over here than W/P and I still have no idea how to follow or get followers on there, but it is an interesting challenge! you could have an account on both places you know?!! lol ;)