Saturday, 21 January 2017

Have blown off the cobwebs

At last I have found my log in details for this site.  Luckily I had a link to here from my Wordpress otherwise it would have just disappeared into the murky depths of '' I wonder what happened to that' and mingling with odd socks and lost keys and all that change down the back of the sofa.
Cannot promise to be here much because it's easier to use WordPress as it has an app but Blogger has not so it means a tarradiddle signing on everytime I want a peek.  Plus the page print is tiny as are all the editing symbols because it shows as it would on a pc, so a bit tiresome.
Anyway, for all you lingerers on here that have not completely given up I hope I find you well, alive and kicking.
With so much social media options about now we are spoilt for choice and all drifted our separate paths.  I am so lucky to have reconnected with most of you on Facebook but it's just not the same as a good old natter and comfiness of a blog is it.
Not sure how I will use this blog yet. Don't really want to be repeating myself from the Wordpress one. The lure of the WP one is that it has all my history on it like a diary from day one of this venture into blogging so I don't really want to lose that, whereas this one is newer and not as easy for me to use.
We'll see how it goes, watch this space 😉