Friday, 22 February 2013

Has it really been that long!

Goodness, I had nor realised how long ago I last blogged.
I have resolved to do so more often and wean myself from facebook a bit. I have just blogged on Wordpress ( there is a link to it on my page here somewhere) and until I have worked out all the bells and whistles again that is where I shall focus on. Its just a case of finding how to share etc from my iphone rather than use the ever failing pc.
I promise to give my blogs more attention from now on 😉


  1. Well done, Anne. I look forward to your future posts and catching up with how things are going with you.

  2. Well hello Anne, long time no hear. Glad that your back. I hope everything is well with you and your family. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  3. Well that went well, a year on and still I have not blogged!