Monday, 19 September 2011

A coincidence or helping hand?


Oh deary deary deary! The scene set on Sunday.

A spur of the moment call to mum and dad, are you up for a visit today? Yes that would be perfect.

Arrived to find Karen, Ava and Owen already there for quick half hour visit. The purpose of which was to impress Great Grandad with Owens outstanding (still to be confirmed) skills on his new trumpet for the school band. Alas the trumpet had been forgotten to be put in car and was still sitting on table at their house.

All hushed whispers and giggles between them all. Aha! thought I, something is afoot. "Go on then, tell her".....

….The children all excited inform me that "Grandmum, Nanna and Grandad are getting a dog today."

"Yeah that'd be right" says I with a feeling of uncertainty seeing as they had all just had a raucous time laughing at me because I was impressed with budgie Bluey and his new birdsong which turned out to be his new toy that had a recording of said birdsong that played when the plastic lifesize budgie was moved. Well it fooled me!


…… went Karen and Co to take Owen to football.

"Are you really getting a dog?" I asked, warily for fear of getting my leg pulled again.

"Well, its all dads idea. He wants one and I told him it is up to him to take care of the thing. It is coming from  a dog sanctuary. They are bringing him at five this afternoon. All we know is he is a Jack Russell about 2 1/2 years old and was taken from a police dog pound by an elderly lady who finds him too much. We do not even know what he looks like."

All afternoon after a lovely roast chicken dinner it was 'only two hours to wait' 'only one hour to wait' 'wonder what he will look like' ' he'll be here in a minute'.......oooooohhhhh here they are!!!!

Dad of course is first out the door to greet him. Mum looks out of window and an instant cloud of lovehearts and bluebirds fly above her head. She gushes "He is lovely, oh look at him, he is gorgeous". All apprehension evaporated. How she transported herself to that front door from the window in a flash is beyond me.

In scampers Jack (formerly known as Jacky), all white with little tan patches over ears and eyes, completely nonplussed and soon investigating every nook and cranny indoors and outdoors. A slight worry when he refused to leave Bluey alone. For a fleeting moment it was touch and go as to if he would stay or not as Bluey is very loved and cherished and briefly was first priority but that soon changed as Jack endeared himself with each passing minute.

Jack has a lovely temperament, he loves sitting on laps, he asks to go out, he is well mannered and gentle. He formed an instant bond with dad and stands by the door waiting for dad to come back in the room.

I spoke to mum on the phone this morning and she is besotted with him, as is dad.

Jack slept soundly on their bed and when out he walks well enough on the lead and pays no attention to other dogs.

Bluey is relegated to the breakfast room and cage hung high up from ceiling.

The difference in Mum and her lifted spirits is amazing. She and dad both agree that the sadness and lacklustre they have had these last couple of years has partly been because of the gaping hole left by dear Sam the last Jack Russell they had. Mum says the house feels right again with little stocky Jack ensconcing his four little paddy paws under the table.


So there you have it. Another family member.

.......the coincidence or helping hand...............The sanctuary is called Green Wicket...........the very green wicket gate that animals enter heaven through as mentioned in the prayer/poem read out at Kaths funeral. Kath always did say they ought get another dog, looks like she may have had a hand in it!

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