Sunday, 23 February 2014

Trying other hobbies.

With many a dismal winter of bad weather what with rain, wind, floods and dull dark days I have been indulging my spare time with my hobbies. The dollhouse got a makeover and was re- wired with lights and redecorated entirely, still a work in progress and I may blog the end result when it’s done.
I’d been making clay model animals for the dollhouse but wanted something a bit softer and realistic to use. Thats when I discovered Needle Felting. A couple of ‘How to’ YouTube videos and a trip to craft shop for necessary materials and tools and I was ready to give it a go.
It is quite fiddly, more so because I make such tiny models and patience aplenty required, no good rushing.
Here are a few of the steps to the finished article.
A wire frame is covered with wool roving and layers are added. It is secured by being stabbed with a many barbed needle that binds the fibres together. The more an area is needled the more compacted it gets. Shaping the piece is rather like sculpting.







The sleeping dog my 3rd attempt, is my daughters dog Winston, he is always asleep. My last needle broke so he is not quite finished yet.
The Jack Russell my 2nd attempt, is Jack, my parents dog.
Here they all are living it up in the dollhouse lounge with the collie, first ever attempt, and a couple of the clay cats.



  1. Awesome miniature dogs, you have a real talent Anne. Keep the hobbies going. They are wonderful little things.

  2. Love them all, and great to see you on here :)