Wednesday, 27 April 2011

All on the up : )

What a lovely feeling it is when things start to resolve themselves and just for a while before the next round of blows you can sit back and enjoy feeling positive and happy again.  It is quite right that when you reach the lowest of the low that the only way is up!

The emotions of despair pale into insignificance  compared to the lift of a brighter future for those you love.

My daughter Clare is responding well to the chemo and it has not been as debilitating as we imagined.  The two tumours in her breast have significantly reduced already but she has to continue the full six months treatment.

Grandaughter Isobel is blossoming since her last heart op and catching up fast.  She is such a happy little girl and always laughing and smiling.  Thankfully a lot of the fears we had about her mental health and disabilities have not been as severe as they could have been. 

These photos were at Evie’s 4th birthday party.

IMG_1222                IMG_1221

Meanwhile, I have had a bit of time to myself as Kath is much more settled since I decorated her house and have more carers tending to her during the day.  She is contented and happier and instead of the usual 10+ phone calls to me on top of my daily visits she has only rung me 3 times since she went home from the Carehome and she has not called the doctor or ambulance at all compared to 25 times in one month each midnight!

Kath holding Isobel. 


Mo my dog is happy too, I am at home with her a bit more.  She has been somewhat neglected of late because of all the running around I have been doing. 

P1050457     Cornflower   Mint Moth

Blog cut short, no time to tweak,  just had a call for taxi service to take Clare and Isobel for blood tests…….ttfn


  1. Hehe I commented on your wp posting but lovely to see you on here too :D Again I will say so glad things are starting to look up for you all, you deserve it! xxx

  2. Hi,

    Good to see you on here. You certainly have had a time of it, hope things continue to improve for you - God Bless - Nita

  3. Good to see things looking up - long may it continue :)

  4. Glad to here that your daughter Clare is responding to treatment. Also glad to see that Isobel is doing so well and looking so cute. Great family photo. Talk with you later.